Heroic Meals is a fully customized meal delivery service! One big advantage to how we do things is there are NO contracts! We want you to enjoy life and travel, and not ever worry about over-ordering food. When the time comes for life to resume as normal, you just continue to order as planned! There are no subscriptions, no contracts, just delicious meals!

The meals are custom designed for a single person. Each meal is built to the specific macronutrient need of the individual client. So this means that one person’s food and the plate will be built and portioned differently than another!

We pride ourselves on having two exquisite chefs at the helm at HM. One is classically trained, while the other is studied as a french chef. With their combined knowledge, we rotate the menu weekly. Fan favorites always get sprinkled in every week. However, we love to rotate our menus based on seasons and available fresh food!

This is completely on you. In a week, you can order all of the same thing or one of everything on the menu. Remember, it is custom. However, the weekly menu is rotating.

No contract is necessary! We WANT you to be a part of our company, not HAVE to be! But we are not worried; once you try our food, the rest will be history!

For now meals are delivered on Saturday nights, with special request deliveries on Mondays should it need to happen. The food is delivered in a thermal bag and cold for food safety. All food is guaranteed until Friday of That week, in compliance with all FDA food storage protocols.

Delivery is included in the price point of the meals. So yes, in one sense, it is free! No extra charge is necessary.

Allergies are accommodated for and assessed on an individual basis.

We assess allergies in a case-by-case situation. So to say no is too harsh. However, depending on your needs, we always side with the effort of caution!

All of our meals are all fresh, never frozen, anti-inflammatory based, and organic when possible. Most but not all meals are low in sodium.

Meals last untill the Friday of the week they are delivered. Usually 4-6 days!

The food is kept in a thermogenic safe bag. It comes cooled on the day of cooking. We immediately cool food after cooking so as not to allow ANY food born bacteria. We then immediately deliver it, so there is never downtime from the kitchen to home!

We are a concierge service. We will help on a case by case situation, for receiving meals. Some of our clients have the team deliver directly to their fridge, while others prefer a porch drop!

We deliver from Santa Monica to downtown, from the valley to Redondo beach. Outside of the Los Angeles area, special circumstances will be discussed.

Heroic Meals was created to allow my team of trainers and nutritionists to have complete control over your bodily intake! While nothing is every guaranteed, I will say I can not create a more perfect circumstance of change.

If you eat the food we design and exercise how my team teaches, I would put my last dollar on your success!

Depending on what the ingredient is, we can sometimes pull it out. All food is cooked fresh and to order. However, Garlic in chili would not be able to be adjusted as it is cooked in bulk. Rosemary on your chicken would be able to be tailored to your liking!