This involves having a trained practitioner stretch your body for you. These stretches can be done manually or using specialized equipment. Each stretching program is tailored to the individual and their goals. 


More often than not, people don’t stretch! And this is huge in terms of loosening up your body in preparation for your workout and aftercare. In addition, if they do stretch, they often stretch the wrong way, overdo it, and are more likely to hurt themselves. This can have significant adverse effects on the body. 👎

Sitting constantly and not taking the time to move or stretch is like a ticking time bomb. Comparing the stress sitting puts on your body versus the pressure an athlete puts on their body, it’s much easier to help an athlete because their body experiences stress from activity.

Thus, prioritizing stretching and working with someone (like me) who can cater to personalized assisted stretching programs for your fitness goals is KEY! 😍

Again, what’s important to note is that even though you’re working with professionals when receiving assisted stretching, it doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Communicate with your practitioner (crazy how that could be me 💪) about your limitations and pain so you can give them what they need to help you!