Salad is at the top of our lists when we think of healthy foods. However, not all salads are not made the same.

🥗 Salads can be extremely unhealthy and full of calories. So be careful when you order one. Ask for dressing on the side to control the amount you put in and avoid deep-fat fried ingredients in it. If you are making your salad yourself, use a homemade dressing, as it will be healthier and definitely much tastier.

🥗 On the other hand, a super light salad with little to no dressing and without protein – yes, it doesn’t have a lot of calories. Still, it is not balanced and will not keep your satiety levels at bay. Either use this kind of salad as a side, pairing with some complex carbs and protein. Or add those things to your salad.

🥗 Another thing, when choosing your salad, it has to be fresh if you are eating out. When we cut vegetables, they instantly start losing essential micronutrients. Obviously, the longer they sit, waiting for their turn to be eaten, the less goodness they contain.