It´s common to think that sweet potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes. However, this is kind of misunderstood, as both can be healthy and unhealthy simultaneously.

To start with, the cooking method makes all the difference. Sweet potato fries are no better for you than regular potato fries. Remember this at all times!

Now let´s assume that we will be talking about a baked potato and a baked sweet potato of the same size in this post.

Yes, sweet potato has 36% fewer carbs. However, it contains half the amount of protein. Interestingly, they both contain the same amount of fiber.

If you are lacking vitamin A – sweet potato is a better choice. However, regular potato contains more Vitamin B and potassium, for example.

Also, suppose you break down the starches themselves. In that case, regular potato contains way more starch, but sweet potato is much higher in sugar.

Therefore, if you compare these two side-by-side, they are both healthy, and people should include both in a healthy and varied diet. As long as you lead a healthy lifestyle, don´t overconsume your daily calorie intake, and exercise, there is no harm whatsoever in either of these vegetables.

Fun fact: potato and sweet potato share the same name. However, botanically – they are unrelated.